Mike Stapelfeld
Digital Director, Omnicom Media Group Romania






Mike was recently appointed Digital Director at OMG Romania. After starting his career at a global media agency network, he obtained his MBA in marketing and e-business, and was then responsible as Global Media Manager of 20 countries for an international renewable energy company.

In addition, he gathered more relevant industry experience while working for a leading German publishing house. This was followed by overseeing advertising spending data and selling software solutions to media agencies and publishing houses for Nielsen Media Research, the world’s biggest research company.

Mike gathered further digital experiences when starting his own internet portal and when heading the re-launch team of an international corporate website.
In accordance with OMG Digital’s worldwide philosophy of tight integration of offline- and online media, Mike now works at the cutting edge of digital development, while at the same time using his broad media- and marketing knowledge for the benefit of his customers.

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Mike Stapelfeld
Digital Director, OMG Romania

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