Stefan Kolle
Partner, FutureLab






As an innovator, Stefan has spent his working life on the edge of the future in ICT, media and finance. While staying rooted in the practicalities of business life, this has uniquely positioned him as someone who is able to translate visionary ideas and technologies into the language of technical and financial departments, as well as that of marketeers.

As one of the first internet entrepreneurs of the Benelux, he introduced a broad range of companies to the internet from 1995 onwards. As founder of IDFactory, an Irish-Benelux incubator, he worked with a host of innovative internet and mobile startups, developing products such as mobile based parking payment systems, lifestyle and travel websites and safe internet for children etc. Also, he had a great contribution in the the establishment of a "safer chat" solution based on the Belgian eID card. This project was conducted for the Belgian government and in co-operation with all major Belgian ISPs. In addition, he developed a complet system of business and entertainment for a major european internet portal.

Stefan currently advises companies such as Philips Electronics, Heineken (Greece), Management Centre Europe and Fortis Investments about their digital and alternative marketing strategies, as well as several of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Stefan is also the lead associate for Management Centre Europe's clients on digital strategies.

Stefan Kolle

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